Megafanworld: an online 3D world and social media network for football fans


  • Presenting city and stadium environment familiar to fans
  • Users (fans) choose an avatar reflecting their club affiliation (scanned 3D avatars also possible)
  • 3D fun game with competitions between fans and collecting points for their team
  • Perfect virtual solution for times of social distancing
  • Potential to reach >100m users by 2022

Megafanstore has founded a joint venture with FDS Soft to develop a 3D game, a mobile game and a 3D world for football fans. There fans can upload their personal avatar, which was previously created in local scan stores, and interact interactively.

The current Corona theme has also changed the environment for our projects. Accordingly, the projects were largely postponed to the next year and initially a focus was placed on the 3D game Megafanworld. The first beta version is already public. In the first step, a version with a simple 3D fun game will be available, which in principle is similar to the well-known “crazy chicken” game classic. A fan can move around the virtual city with his avatar and receive points if, for example, he removes a flag from an unpopular team from the 3D world. For a Frankfurt fan, this is done by sending his eagle to the opposing flag. The players must collect as many points as possible within 3 minutes, an extension of the time period is possible if the fan drinks a beer to fortify himself.

With Google Pay, which is integrated into the app, the fan can top up their credit to eat more beers or sausages and thus achieve more points in the game. At the start of the game, the fan can choose which city colors he wants to appear in the game.

The “bowl”

At the beginning there is the possibility for the following cities:
Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Munich, Dortmund, Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Gladbach, Bremen, Wolfsburg, Freiburg, Hanover, Nuremberg and the team from the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.
A ranking of the best players and a total score of all players will also appear in the game, so that the fans of a team can compete collectively for points against another city. At the end of the competition, we will select the German Megafanworld gaming champion with a presentation of the “bowl”.

European competition

A cooperation for the organization of a European competition was agreed with The Great Branding, UEFA’s license partner. All major clubs are addressed in this regard.

Further development of Megafan World into a virtual social media portal

In the next development phase, fans will then be able to simultaneously move around in the 3D world of football and to communicate and chat with other people. In addition, a Frankfurt fan can travel virtually to Munich and stop at the HofbrÀuhaus, where he is likely to meet numerous Munich football fans. In addition to the social media area, the e-sports area is also being developed, for example, the fan can go to the sports field, shoot the penalty kick and get points, depending on the success.
An essential aspect of Megafan World will be the virtual fan room and the virtual fan store. A football fan can buy virtual merchandising items in the fan store and present them in his fan room. The 3D world is combined with the social media component, in which all players can create their own profiles, chat with each other or organize group chats, similar to other social media providers.
There are numerous ways to monetize a large number of users. Clubs are offered a profit sharing scheme to gain large numbers of customers. (40%) In addition, substantial revenue from merchandising items is expected to be purchased in-game.