Surveys, Votes, Raffles

  • Fanwallet and Fantoken can also be used for voting/surveys/prize raffles
  • For example Player of the Month, Goal of the Week etc.
  • Blockchain makes voting process secure and auditable (better than US election)
  • Prize Raffles are also possible

Revenue Model:

Megafanstore charges Clubs a fee for each transaction and also participates in a share of revenues from votes etc. generated in the Megafanworld

Digital Assets /  Digital Autograph Cards – Our Solution

Difference between Collectable Cards and Digital signed Autograph Cards

  • Collectable Cards are like a mass product and number of available cards are much higher
  • The producer of the Collectable Cards makes money with the selling of the collectable cards
  • Transaction cost of the Etherium Blockchain often increase to over 2 US Dollar a transaction.

Our System with Digital signed autograph Cards

  • Only signed autograph Cards are produced- each Card is unique and number limited
  • Cards are given away as a incentive only very limited
  • Valuation is much higher because they not offered to buy on a primary market