Megafanstore (MEGA/WKN A2P3BJ) starts European football fan championship in cooperation with The Great Branding

An extensive cooperation with The Great Branding for the implementation of a European football fan championship has been concluded in our online social media portal Megafanworld. Great Branding has been an exclusive UEFA partner for merchandising products for 19 years and has long-standing contacts with all important clubs in Europe. The aim is to enter into official partnerships and collaborations with Megafanworld and large clubs.

In addition, a virtual merchandising store in Megafanworld with UEFA Champions League merchandising products will be implemented. The European championship will start with 18 cities including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester, Liverpool, Turin, Milan and Paris. The German participants are determined from the 4 best places in the German Megafan World Championship.

Megafanworld is a new virtual social media platform that enables the navigation of 3D avatars in a virtual world. In the first step, a version with a simple 3D fun game will be available, which in principle is similar to the well-known grouse game classic. The aim of the game is to remove as many flags as possible from another unpopular club. A ranking of the best players will appear in the game, plus a total score of all players, so that the fans of a team can compete collectively for points against another city. At the end of the competition, we and Great Branding will select the European Megafan World gaming champion with the presentation of the “trophy”.

With Google Pay or Microsoft Pay, which is integrated into the app, the fan can top up their credit to eat more beers or sausages or improve other skills and thus achieve more points in the game. Cooperation is sought with the clubs, which provides for revenue sharing, marketing cooperation, implementation of sponsors, virtual merchandising stores in the 3D world, as well as the design of the scenes in familiar environments.

The goal of these collaborations is to generate extensive downloads and significant income from Megafanworld by 2022. Megafanworld is a joint venture between Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. and FDS Soft.