Fan account – The blockchain-based account

  • Megafanstore offers partner clubs and fans a fan account for micropayments inside and outside of Megafanworld (similar to an account at a NEO Bank – already used by around 10 million Germans)
  • The EURT token based on the Stellar-Lumens (stable equivalent of € 1), which is accepted by the regulatory authority, is used.
  • The fan account can be set up easily in a few minutes and operation is child’s play.
  • The credit is not managed by Megafanstore and thus retains a secured value. No risk of bankruptcy.

Added value for partner clubs

  • In addition to the payment function, the fan account enables surveys or votes among fans, e.g. B. Goal or Player of the Month.
  • Partner clubs have a powerful tool for fan activation through the technology.
  • The fan account can also be used for payments in the online shop or in the stadium. (Mobile payment)
  • With the fan account, the club can reach a broad mass of fans and generate considerable additional income through the activities, which can also be in the smallest area.
  • Club branding is possible. This creates a fan account that the fan uses like a bank account for payment transactions with the club and which is topped up with a regular budget.

Project brochure: