Megafanstore (MEGA) – Exchange offering to Latoken has started successfully – listings on other exchanges will follow

The initial exchange offering on the Latoken exchange has started successfully. A total of 200,000 MEGA tokens will be offered at a price between $ 1.80 and $ 2.50. The offer period is expected to run until May 30 and has four price levels, so the total issue volume is approximately EUR 380,000. Further details can be found on the Latoken LaunchpadMEGA tokens can now also be purchased in small numbers from registered customers. A purchase via credit card is also possible. Trading of the MEGA tokens will then start in June after the offer has been completed. Since the MEGA token has drawn the industry’s interest, further exchanges intend to list the MEGA token.

Further listings on the P2PB2B Exchange are currently agreed, as is Latoken, a leading exchange for tokens and project finance with over 400,000 registered traders. In addition, a listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange Finexbox is announced. Finexbox is an emerging exchange that also specializes in smaller project finance and token trading of digital assets.

Exchange Offering Latoken Exchange

As announced in the last shareholder news, an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will take place from March 1 to April 30, 2020 at the Latoken Exchange. A total of 200,000 MEGA tokens will be offered at a price between $ 1.80 and $ 2.50. The total issue volume is thus approximately 380,000 euros. Further details can be seen on the Latoken launchpad: 

By expanding the reach to over 1 million crypto investors, we are optimistic that we can generate a liquid secondary market. We will organize appropriate measures for market making and arbitrage between the individual trading venues.