Megafanstore (MEGA / WKN A2P3BJ) – adds Reinhard Schu to the Board of Directors

Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has appointed Mr. Reinhard Schu as additional board member. The board of directors now consists of Messrs. Andreas Schmidt, Uwe Waldenmeyer and Reinhard Schu. Mr. Schu has worked as an international lawyer for over 20 years, has lived in London for 20 years and in recent years was the head of the legal department of major mid-market  companies. He is admitted as a solicitor in England and is a fully qualified German lawyer. He specializes in international trade and contract law, mergers & acquisitions and corporate governance. Mr. Schu also has extensive experience as an investor in the small cap sector. From 15 May 2020, Mr. Schu will also take over operational duties as Chief Financial and Legal Officer of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd.
Mr. Schu brings extensive international experience to  Megafanstore. In the course of his career he has worked in Germany, London, the USA, India and Japan, has overseen several large M&A projects and has drafted and negotiated numerous customer and supplier contracts. Mr. Schu has a strong sense of business and knows how to understand and skillfully combine legal and business details and strategic relationships.
Over the coming period, the company will have an ongoing need for high-quality legal advice due to ongoing and new collaborations, and the costs for external lawyers would be significant. In particular for the planned IPO on a regulated stock exchange and the current negotiations with investors, large sports clubs and sponsors, the company will benefit from having an experienced lawyer on its board.  Mr. Schu also contributes his knowledge of corporate governance, enhancing the company’s standing with investors, business partners and regulators.
We are pleased to welcome Mr. Schu as a new board member of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd.