Megafanstore (MEGA / WKN A2P3BJ): Beta trial version of Megafanworld is online

Berlin, London, June 8, 2020

Dear shareholders,

After several months of development, the first beta test version of our Megafanworld Game is now online and can be downloaded as a Windows version at or directly HERE. In the coming days, a version for the Google Store will also be released for use on Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, the complete payment functions will be available, which can then be used to generate income. The official championship will then start in July / August

A ranking of the best players will appear in the game, plus a total score of all players, so that fans of a team can compete collectively for points against another city. At the end of the competition (Nov / Dec), we will select the national Megafan World gaming champion with the presentation of the “master cup”.

In the following months, upgrades with improvements and expansions will be offered approximately every 2-3 weeks. The scenarios and the game environment, in particular, are being further developed as significant improvements. At the moment, the plan is to adapt the game environment to the cities of Munich and Frankfurt with regional motifs and locations. After that, a level with a free kick competition is integrated, which makes it possible to shoot free kicks in competition online against other players. This level will further increase the attractiveness of Megafanworld.

Negotiations with partnerships with clubs are ongoing, a basic agreement with a traditional club has already been reached, and the final contractual conclusion should now be timely. This had been delayed in recent weeks due to the corona crisis and a fundamental stop to license deals. We then see the professional implementation of the cooperation as a priority, in particular the involvement of the sponsors, the replication of the environment familiar to the fans and the implementation of a virtual fan store of the club. Only after this implementation will other clubs be contacted regarding a cooperation.

In particular, the implementation of the European championship in cooperation with The Great Brandung and the implementation of a UEFA fan store are of central importance and are carefully prepared accordingly. The European championship will start in 1821 with 18 cities including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester, Liverpool, Turin, Milan, Paris. The German participants are determined from the 4 best places in the German Megafan World Championship.

The goal is to achieve more than 100 million users and significant income in Megafanworld with all Megafanworld editions by 2022.

Megafanworld is a joint venture between Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. and FDS Soft.

I am available for any further questions.

Sincerely yours

Andreas Schmidt

CEO and founder, Megafanstore