Digital assets with NFT tokens

The boom in digital assets and so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has  reached new heights since the beginning of 2021. Digital art in the form of NFT tokens was partially auctioned for tens of millions.

The concept of digital assets with limited editions fits perfectly into the marketing of digital fan articles, as all digital articles are registered on the blockchain and thus publicly digitally securitized.  There are no limits to your imagination:

  • Digital trading cards
  • Digital autograph cards
  • Digital artworks 
  • Historical limited digital editions of e.g. a final ball or trophies
  • A goalscorer’s shoes
  • Team photos with original signatures
  • Virtual objects (e.g. cups, glasses, plates, T-shirts) with the club logo
  • etc.

The combination with the NFT concept gives these digital articles a rarity, as the edition is limited and the authenticity is publicly proven by the blockchain. Forgeries and copies would be immediately recognizable for everyone and are therefore excluded.



Within our Megafanworld, a virtual 3D world for soccer fans, we offer each participant a personal “fan room”. Here the fan can design his virtual space himself, equip it with furniture and showcases, and proudly display his digital assets to friends or other fans. Even with the basic inventory, there are limitless possibilities, such as furniture with a club logo, wallpaper with a stadium or skyline of the city of your favorite club, murals of well-known players, etc.


Tradability of digital assets

All virtual assets can be traded via an online marketplace. This is particularly interesting for limited editions after the primary market edition is sold out. Here there is the possibility that individual pieces experience a significant increase in value due to the “scarcity” if other collectors or fans absolutely want the good piece.


New sources of revenue for clubs

The world of digital assets offers clubs new sources of revenue, especially in Corona times, when the number of stadium spectators, if at all, is likely to remain very limited for the foreseeable future.

Through Megafanworld, clubs can either offer all sorts of digital assets for sale or give them as prizes for digital competitions or raffles or as an incentive for taking part in surveys or the Megafanworld flag hunt game.

Similar to the personal fan room, clubs can also set up digital exhibition rooms, hall of fames or shops. There the association presents digital assets, either as an exhibition piece or for sale. Fans can then immediately buy these products as virtual assets for the fan room. In addition, traditional material fan articles can also be offered for shipping, along with a digital certificate of authenticity. There are additional sales opportunities and new direct sales channels for clubs.


Virtual shares on the stadium lawn

In recent years there has been a boom in virtual participation in land or buildings in 3D worlds or games.  There are now even mutual funds that invest in virtual real estate. One example was the proceeds of $ 220,000 for a share in the Formula 1 racetrack in Monaco in a virtual game.

For example, clubs could sell the grass in the stadium in virtual parcels of around 1m². A football pitch is usually 7000 m2. There is also the option of paying out a small bonus to the lawn owner, which is linked to a championship / cup win or promotion, for example. 

After the primary sale has ended, the secondary market starts and prices follow supply and demand. In addition, different categories can be output, e.g. normal lawn field, center circle, 16 meter  room, 5 meter room etc.