Board of Directors

Andreas Schmidt – CEO and Board of Directors

has been working in the economic and financial publications since 1990. Among other things, he was a columnist for the Forbes magazine and in 1990 the youngest managing director of a listed company in Germany. He has a global network in the financial industry.


Reinhard Schu – CFO and Board of Directors

Mr. Schu has been an international lawyer for over 20 years, has lived in London for 20 years and has worked as the legal director of larger medium-sized companies in recent years. He is licensed as a solicitor in England and is a fully qualified German lawyer. He specializes in international trade and contract law, mergers & acquisitions and corporate governance. Mr. Schu also has extensive experience as an investor in the small cap area. From May 15, Mr. Schu started to be operational for Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. be active and take on the function of board member responsible for finance and law.


Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Waldenmeyer – Board of Directors

is one of the pioneers in the sale of merchandising articles (B2B and B2C) in Germany, where he started his business in 1990. His many years of professional experience form the basis for an important network in the entire industry, which in particular includes football clubs, sponsors and large manufacturers of sporting goods. Baseball, football and basketball clubs from the USA are also included.


Steve Vestergaard (Advisor)

Mr. Vestergaard has developed 10 sports simulations in his role as a gamedeveloper for Electronic Arts (EA Sports) and is a global leader in sports simulation games, game development, watermarking and IT security. He has been in software development for 35 years and has dramatically reduced the spread of illegal MP3 downloads through encryption technologies for the music industry, which now has a monopoly. He has developed more than 30 global patents for IT security, crypto and watermark technology. Steve Vestergaard advises Megafanstore especially in the strategic area of e-sports and games in connection with the 3D avatars.


Abu Nurullah – Community Manager

worked in various companies, including: a. in the real estate, cryptography, pharmaceutical, e-commerce and corporate marketing sectors, in the area of community management. He is an expert in advertising, forum support, content marketing, banner advertising, PR, Google AdWords advertising, email list coordination and social media marketing, influencer marketing, LinkedIn lead generation, etc.