Launch of Megafan token trading on the Stellar DEX

Launch of Megafan token trading on the Stellar DEX
Berlin, London, October 24, 2019

Dear Shareholders,

the trade of the megafantoken at the DEX, a decentralized Trading place, has started. On the first trading day were already found the first prices. The trading range was between 27.5 x lumens and 30 x lumens, converted about 1.60 euros to 1.70 euros.


The Megafantoken is managed on the Stellar Blockchain, All transactions are completely transparent and publicly viewable:

For the trade or to be able to receive the token, a wallet, e.g. needed. A manual in german for Walleteröffnung (Windows computer) we have prepared HERE.

In the coming days and weeks, marketing campaigns will take place to promote the Megafan token to cryptoinvestors. The Megafan Token is a security token. One token represents one share of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd ..

The shares of Megafanstore Marketing Ltd. are publicly available for sale in Germany. The offer is not subject to prospectus, since the offer is less than 100,000 euros, also turns the further offer within the framework of the Family Friends Program to a target group of max. 149 people. As the company is headquartered in London, tokenization and offering are generally the responsibility of the UK Regulatory Authority FCA: Financial Conduct Authority.

However, this classifies the offering of security tokens (especially tokens on shares) as fundamentally not subject to regulation, but refers to the respective regulatory provisions in the respective country of the offer as well as to the fundamental compliance with disclosure guidance and transparency rules as well as the consideration of AML and KYC requirements.

That is why we place particular value on it, on the one hand in the share offer and also in the transfer of the tokens to the shareholders, to meet these somewhat broad provisions in any case. In addition, we expressly point out the special mindfulness and risks when dealing with cryptocurrencies or tokens. In particular, securing access to the Wallet and preventive measures to avoid possible loss are explicitly communicated by us in the manual.

It is intended to list the Megafan token in early 2020 on a regulated security token exchange. For this purpose, a sales prospectus will be necessary, which is already in the advanced design stage and can be completed very quickly after the audit of the financial statements for 2019 by an auditor.

Currently, 731,200 shares are registered in the Company House, and the delivery of the tokens to the shareholders has already begun. Since only a very small number of tokens have been delivered at present, there is the possibility of very volatile trading, in particular due to the planned Investor Relation measures in the coming weeks. The current issue price of 1.50 euros in the public offer is a company valuation of approximately 1.05 million euros. The issue price will be raised to EUR 2.00 per share as part of the positive development as of 1 November.

For more information about the token, please visit, the Megafanstore Telegram channel and email

With best regards

Andreas Schmidt CEO