June 2020

  • First public version of the 3D app, Megafan World, with a football club as a partner

June 2020

  • Start of the German Megafan World Championship with the opportunity to win a championship trophy.

September 2020

  • Interactive football app Megafanworld with goal scoring and competition


  • Interactive 3D world in Megafanworld

May 2021

  • Chinese retail stores opened with UEFA and Chinese partners as “Home of Football”

  • Development of a payment system for separate accounts in blockchain with IT partners


  • Scanning stations increased to 10 in collaboration with sports clubs in Europe

  • Opening of 3 new stores of UEFA UCL goods in Europe with local partners in 2022

  • Development of fan figure series with top European players


  • Increase the number of scan stations to 20 in collaboration with sports clubs and gyms in Europe and the U.S.